Wanting an additional portable gas heater outlet installed? Perhaps an extension for a natural gas BBQ? 

We can supply and install gas bayonets in walls and floors to suit your needs of becoming a more energy-efficient property. All of our gas fitters are licensed and insured, ensuring you receive a professional gas heater service from Woden Valley Plumbing & Gasfitting every time.

At Woden Valley Plumbing & Gasfitting, we can supply and fit conversion kits for a full range of gas heating fittings, changeovers and installation. Our team can also convert your existing bottled gas (LPG) to mains gas (Natural Gas), so you never run out again.

Whether installing gas bayonets for a portable unit, a gas line for a permanent heater, or ducted gas heating, we can assist. If you don’t have any of these currently, we can even run the pipes you need, including connections to mains gas if available, or LPG tanks when needed. 

Ensure Ventilation is in Place for Portable Gas Heaters

Gas bayonet installation for portable heaters is becoming more common, as people often move the heater to where they need it during winter and then store it away during the warmer months. 

Please keep in mind that when using portable gas heaters, you need to consider appropriate ventilation, just as you would expect with a flued gas heater. It is often a requirement by law that any room (especially small rooms) using a gas heater must have a low vent and high vent for ventilation of unburnt gases. 

Ventilation is also needed so fresh oxygen can replace any carbon monoxide that may come from burning gas heaters. 

We recommend all ventilation requirements should be read clearly and understood before purchasing a portable space heater or unflued gas heater. As such, outdoor gas heaters should never operate indoors as they can create dangerous carbon monoxide.


A female bayonet fitting can be installed on the wall or the floor. Indoor gas appliances can be quickly connected to your home’s gas supply using the female fitting. Many appliances, such as stoves or portable heaters, run on gas, typically less expensive than electricity. 

The end of the gas bayonet hose is where you’ll find the male fitting. It plugs into the fixed female bayonet wall socket fitting in a clockwise direction to connect to the gas supply.

The heater is connected to the gas supply by a brass push-and-twist-to-lock connection. The female connection is a gas bayonet wall socket connecting the heaters to an external gas supply (gas meter or gas bottles) with the male hose.

Portable gas heaters are the most popular kind of heaters in Australia, for example, top brands like the Rinnai Avenger. The hose connects the heater bayonet to your home’s gas supply. The gas fitting uses a brass push and clockwise twist-to-lock fitting.

A portable gas heater bayonet connection fitting has both a female wall socket fitting and a male hose fitting that connect with a push and clockwise twist.


Only Work with Licensed Fitting Service to Install Your Gas Bayonet Connection

The running of gas appliances around your domestic or commercial premises can be dangerous, and all connections must be certified. Therefore, we suggest you use a licensed and professional gas fitter from Woden Valley Plumbing.



If you have any questions about your gas bayonet fitting, our technicians will be able to answer them as part of our comprehensive services. Whether you’re interested in learning more about gas bayonet installation costs or you’re looking for the best gas heater, our technicians cover all bases and have a wide range of knowledge and additional information available.


You can trust our reliable team to offer honest and unbiased advice on gas bayonet fitting. We’ll recommend the ideal choice and appropriate solution that will best suit your unique situation. 

Don’t spend money on an unnecessarily expensive gas bayonet fitting without chatting to us first. We’ll provide a professional opinion on what is the best in energy efficiency and will work for your home’s circumstances. Making rash decisions without getting input from professionals can often result in costly regrets after some time.

Woden Valley Plumbing offers great service with upfront pricing and our free quotes are fixed with no hidden fees. We provide superior workmanship with friendly, professional services and aftercare at all times.

It is our goal to provide affordable prices for our community on gas heater installation costs and low emissions technology, so we emphasise how important it is to report a problem as soon as possible. This allows us to get to the root cause and solve the issue through same-day plumbing services

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