Wanting an additional portable heater outlet? Perhaps an extension for a natural gas BBQ? We can supply and install gas bayonets in walls and floors to suit your needs. Because all our gas fitters are licensed and insured you know you will get a professional job each and every time.

Gas bayonet installations for portable heaters is common and people often move the heater to where they need it and then store it away during the warmer months.

Please keep in mind that for portable gas heaters ventilation needs to be considered. It is often a requirement by law that any room where a gas heater is used must have a low vent and high vent for ventilation of un-burnt gases. Ventilation is needed so fresh oxygen can replace any carbon monoxide that may come from the burning of gas.

Please ensure all ventilation requirements are clearly read and understood before purchasing a portable/flueless gas appliance.

At Woden Valley Plumbing & Gasfitting we have the ability to supply and fit conversion kits for all gas fittings and changeovers! Our gasfitters can also convert your existing Bottled gas (LPG) to Canberra mains gas (Natural Gas) so that you never run out of gas again.


Whether installing a gas bayonet for portable gas heating or a gas line for a permanent gas heater or ducted gas heating we can assist. If you don’t have gas currently we can even run the gas pipes you need, including connections to mains gas if available or LPG tanks if needed. All gas connections must be certified, not to mention the running of gas around your domestic or commercial premises can be dangerous, for this reason we suggested you use a licensed and professional gas fitter from Woden Valley Plumbing & Gasfitting.