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Evaporative Cooling Canberra

Although not needed in all climates, the hot, dry summers experienced in Canberra are ideal to take advantage of evaporative cooling systems. Being a ‘cheaper to install and operate’ alternative to traditional air conditioning, evaporative cooling systems are a little-discussed home appliance system which some Aussie’s may not be aware they have or they need.

For those unaware, evaporative cooling uses a system which is more efficient than A/C which circulates fresh, moist air around the home. This means that not only is your house going to stay cool, but, given the unique evaporative cooling process, you can even leave your windows and doors open without worrying about wasting energy on your cooling appliance. Plus, the moisture retained in and dust scrubbed out of the circulating air is great for those who are prone to outdoor allergens as well as those suffering from asthma.

However, being a less common system than air conditioning, finding evaporative cooling service professionals can be difficult. Fortunately, Woden Valley Plumbing & Gasfitters is the best evaporative cooling Canberra repair service provider.

One thing to keep in mind regarding evaporative coolers is that they do need to be regularly serviced to keep them running at optimum efficiency. Consequently, we recommend you schedule an appointment with us at the beginning of each spring so our technicians can perform a regular service checkup. Before the winter, we also recommend that you shut off and isolate water access to your evaporative unit to avoid any burst pipes or other complications. If you need any help doing this, give us a call and we can assist you.

If, at any point in the year, your machine is starting to break down we can perform any repair work that needs be done. Additionally, if your cooler has broken down entirely, we can replace your unit with a brand new, top quality evaporative cooling system.

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