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In chillier climates, evaporative cooling systems might not be necessary, but Canberra’s hot, dry summers provide the perfect opportunity to overcome the heat.

Ducted evaporative coolers are affordable and cheaper to operate than traditional units. With their unmatched versatility, they have become popular among Australians looking to enhance comfort in their homes and businesses. So, let’s look at why evaporative coolers are sought after for many Canberra homes.

How An Evaporative Cooler Works For Canberra Homes

Many people don’t realise that evaporative coolers are more efficient than standard air conditioners, as they circulate fresh, moist air throughout your house or office building. The retained moisture and filtering of the dust in the circulating air will benefit those prone to outdoor allergens and people living with asthma. The circulation acts like an air purifier, meaning it doesn’t dry out the skin or eyes, making life more comfortable. 

In contrast, standard systems cool air by circulating it through a fan coil, which takes time to chill. For a standard system to keep cold air inside, it is necessary to keep doors and windows closed.

Evaporative coolers installed on the roof of a Canberra property draw in fresh air from the outdoors. The warm air filters through wet filter pads in the unit, naturally cooling through evaporation and increasing moisture. The system then draws cold air from the cooling pads and releases it through the ducting around the home.

Optimal for open areas, evaporative coolers outperform portable air conditioners and air conditioning units in hot climates with dry air. Unlike standard options that use harmful Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), evaporative cooling units are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

The evaporative cooler expels hot air from inside, replacing it with freshly cooled air. Remember that keeping windows and doors open is crucial to prevent damage or explosions in the cooling system.

Keeping Your Evaporative Cooling System in Good Running Order

Finding trustworthy and reliable evaporative cooling service professionals in Canberra can be challenging. Fortunately, Woden Valley Plumbing & Gasfitters provides top-notch services for the repair and maintenance of these cooling systems. Supported by a team of skilled technicians, we are always ready to assist whether you have an inbuilt system or portable evaporative coolers.

You must remember evaporative coolers require regular servicing to maintain optimal efficiency, just as any cooling or heating system. As a result, we advise scheduling an appointment with us before enduring Australia’s hot summers, ideally at the start of each spring, allowing our technicians to perform routine checkups.

We also suggest turning off and isolating water access to your evaporative cooler before winter arrives to prevent burst pipes or other issues. If you need assistance with this task, don’t hesitate to ask for our assistance.

Need a Simple Solution? Try an Energy Efficient Portable Evaporative Cooler

If you’re searching for a simple yet effective cooling solution for your home, look no further than an energy-efficient portable evaporative cooler. These innovative devices offer a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional air conditioning systems. They are perfect for those who rent their home because of their compact and easily movable design. 

You can place portable evaporative coolers in any room where you need a refreshing and comfortable environment. They use the natural evaporation process to cool the air, consuming significantly less energy than conventional air conditioners, which translates to lower electricity bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

In addition to their energy-saving capabilities, portable evaporative coolers contribute to healthier indoor air quality. By circulating fresh, moist air and filtering out dust particles, they create a more pleasant atmosphere for individuals who are sensitive to allergens or suffer from respiratory issues. 

The increased humidity these units provide is particularly beneficial in dry climates, like Canberra and the Woden Valley region, where it can help alleviate discomfort from dry skin, eyes, and throat. Easy to set up and maintain, energy-efficient portable evaporative coolers offer a straightforward solution to keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Is Your Evaporative Cooling System Failing?

If your cooling system starts to break down at any point during the year, our team can perform the necessary repairs. Wires leading to the breaker in older models may have become discoloured, stiff, and faulty, losing their initial flexibility.

Sometimes, a mechanical failure can cause inconsistent airflow from your evaporative cooler or even lead to no airflow at all. The thermostat may need replacing if the air doesn’t feel as cool as the displayed temperature. A displaced or broken fan belt can lead to motor failure.

We provide prompt services for evaporative cooling system repairs and regular maintenance to ensure optimal and safe operation of the unit in your Canberra home.

Rest assured, Woden Valley Plumbing & Gasfitting uses only genuine parts. If our air conditioner experts in Canberra determine your cooler is beyond repair, we can replace it with a brand-new, top-quality system at affordable installation costs.

Our crew will advise you about the right system for your household needs. Your previous unit might have been suitable for a newly married couple, but a larger one could be necessary to stay cool with a five-person family. Your current unit might not be equipped to handle your entire house, especially during peak demand periods. Regardless, we’ll always steer you in the right direction.

Why Choose Us for Your Evaporative Air Conditioner Needs?

Our professional and certified plumbers stand ready to answer your questions about evaporative systems in Canberra. Whether you’re considering purchasing and installing your first unit or want to compare it to other air conditioning options, our team covers all aspects.

You can rely on our Canberra plumbers for honest and unbiased advice to find the best solution for your home or business. Consult with us before spending significant amounts of money, as we may identify unnecessary or ineffective options for your specific circumstances. 

We offer transparent pricing at Woden Valley Plumbing & Gasfitting without hidden costs. Our customers can anticipate exceptional workmanship and consistently friendly, professional service. We provide affordable prices for our community and prioritise addressing the root of an issue quickly to prevent it from escalating and becoming more expensive.

Choose Woden Valley & Gasfitting to Secure a Comfortable Air Temperature in Your Home

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