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Do you suspect a gas leak?

If you suspect you have a gas leak or your utility company has turned your gas supply off and told you to call a gasfitter, it is important to get your gas service tested, repaired, retested and restored by a highly skilled licenced gasfitter. We are here to help with same day service and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Our highly experienced technicians will test your gas service, locate any gas leak(s) you have, retest the service to ensure no further leaks and then restore your service.
  • We have SAME DAY service and EMERGENCY services for you to take advantage of when you really need us!
  • We use the latest technology & training to ensure your gas leaks are found and repaired as quickly as possible
  • We retest the service  to ensure there are no more leaks
  • We restore your service and any gas appliances in the home on completion before we leave
Gas burner on stove top

Whether you need a small gas installation such as a new gas hot water heater, bayonet point for a heater or BBQ, a gas cooktop installed or gas lines installed for new (or more) appliances, we have the right tools and the right technicians to help you out. Gas has inherent dangers associated with it so you need the right qualified technicians to work on any gas work, repairs or installations at your home.

We have a huge client base in Canberra happy with the quality, skills and customer service our technicians offer every day. You can trust you are in the right hands to safely repair or replace your gas lines, gas hot water system, gas cooktop, gas heater, or any other gas issue in your home. You can rest easy in the capable hands of Woden Valley Plumbing and Gasfitting.

How to Detect Gas Leaks

Because natural gas is odourless, utility companies add a harmless chemical to the gas to give it a distinct smell. This smell is often described as a rotten-egg-like, or smelling like sulphur. This chemical is added, so it is easier to detect a potentially deadly gas leak.

That said, if you detect a natural gas leak, you’ll need to use your senses to verify. Let’s run through how you can tell if your home has a natural gas leak:

The smell of sulphur from a gas leak

1. It smells like sulphur

As described earlier, utility companies add a chemical called mercaptan to the natural gas so that it is easier to smell and detect.

This chemical they add is often described as smelling like rotten eggs or sulphur. If you smell this, it may be a good indication of a leak.

Listening for a gas leak sound

2. You hear a faint whistling/hissing sound

Depending on where you suspect the natural gas leak is, you may be able to hear a faint hissing or whistling sound coming from your gas line.

This could be a sure-fire way to know that you are experiencing a natural gas leak.

Trying to find a gas leak

3. You can see bubbles forming on the suspected gas leak area

If you suspect one of your gas lines is experiencing a gas leak, what you can do is mix a little bit of soap and water together and rub or spray it on the suspected spot.

If you see bubbles appear, it is most likely a gas leak. This is because as the gas is escaping.

Gas pipe outside on brick wall

4. You can see dust being blown around the suspected area outside your home

If there is a gas leak outside your house, you may notice dust and debris being blown around a bit due to the gas leaking from a line nearby.


  • Isolate your main gas meter at the ¼ turn valve.
  • Do not look for a gas leak with a naked flame or other ignition source.
  • Do not operate electrical equipment close to a gas leak.
  • Don’t turn on or switch off any lights, use a telephone, or use a flashlight, at the risk of causing a spark that could start a gas fire.
  • Don’t smoke, light matches, or use a cigarette lighter inside or while on the property.

Still have questions about gas leaks or fauly gas appliances? Give our team a call on 02 6288 5123 to book an appointment with our gasfitter.

How to Turn Off Your Gas Supply Safely

It’s always a good idea to know where your property’s natural gas meter is located.

For most properties, the gas meter is located in the front yard/garden and mounted to an external brick wall or on the side of the house, commonly opposite the driveway.

Before turning off your gas supply, you need to turn off all gas appliances and pilot lights.

Once this is done, you’re ready to turn off your gas supply tap, which is usually found on the inlet to your gas meter:


  • To shut off your gas supply, turn the valve handle to the horizontal ‘off’ position, 90 degrees.
  • To turn on your gas supply, turn the valve handle to the vertical ‘on’ position.
Gas metre outside on brick wall

Always call your licenced gasfitter to come out, isolate the leak and fix the area of concern. Woden Valley Plumbing and Gasfitting service all areas of Canberra, Queanbeyan and Jerrabomberra. Get in contact with us today so we can help determine what the best course of action is and to keep your home safe!

If your gas lines need replacement, you’ll want a licensed professional to handle the installation for you. After all, your gas lines power some of the most important appliances in your home: your gas heater, gas hot water system, your gas stove, and your gas fire pit all depend on an efficient gas system. Please call Woden Valley Plumbing & Gasfitting Services to handle all your gasfitting repair, replacement and installation.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a gasfitter but want to learn more about the profession, please let us now.

Simply contact our friendly office team on (02) 6288 5123

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