It’s not unusual for residential and commercial properties throughout Australia to experience significant rainfall events. Regular downpours can negatively affect your home if the stormwater drain isn’t functioning correctly. As such, when you own a home, it comes with a level of responsibility, including stormwater management.

Whether your stormwater drain system is well-managed will determine how it affects your house and surrounding property. In this piece, we will examine why it’s essential to look after your stormwater drainage system and keep it in good running order.

How Do Stormwater Drains Work?

Canberra homes have stormwater drainage systems to prevent water from overflowing onto their property. These systems consist of a drain designed to carry stormwater away during and after rainfall. The water has usually run off from the following places:

  • Roof
  • Guttering
  • Driveways
  • Pathways
  • Roads.

Once the water goes into the stormwater drain, it will connect to local government drains located along each residential street. From there, the rainwater flows to regional drains and then directly to the nearest catchment.

The Difference Between Stormwater Drainage & Sewer Pipes

Although it may seem confusing to some, sewer drainage and stormwater drainage have very different roles for your home. Sewage drainage is a network of underground pipes that uses water flow to carry all sewage from your property to a treatment plant. All of your internal services charge into your sewer drain, such as sinks, basins, shower and bath, toilet, washing machine and dishwasher. Once it has gone through the treatment process, it then discharges into waterways.

Stormwater drainage differs because rainwater doesn’t require treatment before entering waterways, unlike pollutants from sewers. The sewage and stormwater drains are separate from one another and do not intertwine.

Benefits of Having Effective Stormwater Runoff

Homes require a dependable stormwater drain for rainwater to capture and flow through. Without adequate stormwater drainage, your home is likely to be negatively impacted. Here are some of the benefits of having a well-maintained and trusted stormwater runoff system:

1. Less Chance of Flooding

During significant storm events or ongoing rainfall, there’s less chance of your storm drain failing and flooding your property when it’s well-managed. Regular cleaning and removal of leaves and debris will ensure stormwater flows seamlessly throughout the system.

If you have a blockage in your stormwater drain that will capture sediment, leaves, dirt and other debris, stopping it from working effectively, you must use a drain cleaning service for blocked drains. Waiting to see how well it works after heavy rain isn’t advised, as you’re more likely to experience a flood on your property that you’re trying to avoid.

2. Minimises Risk to Infrastructure

Without water being directed away from homes, office buildings, roads, paved surfaces and other infrastructure, there is a risk of damage to the construction through prolonged exposure to the accumulation of rainwater.

A dependable stormwater drain grate and stormwater runoff drain keep your property free from stagnant water, spilling over rainwater and flooding. This keeps your home safe from mould and disease.

3. Less Contamination Spread

If you’re not paying attention to the effectiveness of your stormwater drains, you risk the possibility of diseases and toxins spreading. This occurs when the water doesn’t discharge properly and pools around leaves, metals, litter, waste and other impurities that cause contamination to your surroundings.

When you report drainage issues to your expert plumber and have them repair your storm drain, you’re reducing the development of diseases and the chance of water-borne diseases.

4. Stormwater Repurposing

One of the stormwater’s great benefits is that it can be repurposed when collected correctly using a storm drain system. While different states have varying regulations, unfiltered stormwater can be used safely in gardens to fight fires and flush toilets.

Although some newer stormwater drain systems have a filter, do not drink or prepare food with the water unless your council and plumber deem it safe.

Environmental Benefits of A Well-Managed Storm Drain

Aside from your home and property being safe from damage, the ecological impact makes maintaining your systems just as essential. Without effective stormwater drains, the effects of storms and rainwater become pollution issues. For example, sediment increases in rivers, creeks and oceans, which means the water quality in these waterways is compromised. 

Also, without a fully functioning stormwater drain, runoff rates cause erosion on the banks of creeks, which is known to reduce diverse sea life and lower water levels in wetlands, which has a flow effect on aquatic fauna and flora.

Risks Of A Poorly Managed Stormwater Drainage System

Stormwater is usually uncontrollable, except for when your stormwater pipes aren’t at their best. If they’re cracked or blocked,  the ‘uncontrolled’ water will exploit the vulnerability and cause further issues. If debris stops stormwater from making its way through the system, the following drainage issues will occur and significantly affect your home: 

  • Structural damage to your home
  • Erosion
  • Floods
  • Wet areas across your yard
  • Rising damp
  • Cause paths and driveways to crack. 

By choosing flood prevention through yearly drain cleaning by Woden Valley Plumbing, and regularly removing leaks, twigs and other foreign objects yourself, you can maintain a stormwater drain where water flows unrestricted.

Let Woden Valley Plumbing Help Maintain Your Storm Drains.

If you’re having trouble with your stormwater drains or experiencing unusual amounts of water coming from your drain pipes, it could be a sign of a blocked system. You must manage stormwater issues quickly, so there is no significant damage to yours or other properties. 

When the channel for your pipes isn’t working its best, they need the skills of an experienced plumber, such as the team from Woden Valley Plumbing. Our stormwater drainage services also include the following: 

  • Installation of new stormwater drains
  • Broken drains
  • Improve stormwater management
  • Cleaning of blocked drains.
  • Subsoil and subterranean drainage services

Get the plumbing care you need by contacting us at (02) 6288 5123 for all your plumbing needs.