We often take the continuous flow of hot water into our homes for granted – using it to take showers, wash dishes and much more. As such, like with many plumbing issues, most people only consider booking a hot water service once the unit starts to struggle or stops working altogether. 

Daily use of our hot water systems means they will experience wear and tear and may occasionally encounter issues, which are a warning sign that it’s time to undertake a service for your electric, gas and solar hot water systems. While most plumbing services recommend a minor annual service and a major service every five years, other signs indicate when a hot water heater needs maintenance.

This guide will help you understand the need for hot water service and how you can tell when it’s time to call our expert plumbers for assistance.

What Is a Hot Water System?

In Australia, there are many types of hot water heaters available for homes and businesses – instantaneous systems and storage hot water systems powered by solar power, electricity, or gas. These units function differently but have the same purpose of producing hot water.

1. Instantaneous Systems

Often referred to as a tankless system or continuous flow system, these begin to heat water instantly. There’s no storage tank, and it heats water by flowing through a coiled pipe. They are an energy-efficient and renewable energy choice because the unit heats on demand and only as required. Instantaneous hot water systems are available in both gas and electric variations.

2. Storage Hot Water Systems

An insulated tank keeps your water constantly heated by copper elements. A storage heater can supply water to multiple outlets, such as simultaneously running the shower and kitchen hot tap.

3. Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat pump hot water systems work by drawing in warmth from the air and recirculating it to heat water. They operate on the same principle as a fridge or air conditioner but rather than cooling the air the warm air is directed to the water in which it heats. Heat pump hot water systems are not only environmentally friendly but solar compatible making it the most energy efficient hot water option.

Why Does Your Hot Water System Need Servicing?

As with any home appliance, regular servicing by a hot water specialist can mean the difference between smooth operation and something going wrong. Failing to care for your hot water system through ongoing maintenance will likely cause any number of the following problems:

  • Water leaks
  • Overheating
  • Malfunction
  • Rust
  • Higher running costs

Signs You Need a Hot Water System Serviced

When you’re used to a continuous flow system in your home, regardless of your household size, jumping into a cold shower is quite the shock. Before it gets to this stage, there will be signs that will inform you of hot water problems that expert plumbers can repair or replace as needed, including:

Continuous Change in Water Pressure

Regardless of your hot water system types, if your hot water temperature is fluctuating, one or more of the valves is likely failing, or there’s a buildup of sediment or rust. A newer hot water system is easier to flush to fix the problem, while an older one needs more care, which your plumber will determine upon inspection.

Leaking Hot Water System

Whether you have a solar hot water system, gas hot water or electric hot water, leaks are one of the most common signs you need a hot water service. The cause is usually an old system that’s begun corroding and splitting. The type of system (electric, gas or solar) will affect where it leaks and whether you can have your hot water system repaired or if it needs replacing.

Strange Sounds from Hot Water Unit

When your electric or solar water systems begin making an unusual noise, such as banging or hissing, it’s a sure sign they’re overdue for some attention. A noisy system could signal that something is loose or moving about where it shouldn’t. 

Temperamental Temperatures

When you’re ready to enjoy your daily shower, it’s all about finding that ultimate balance between hot and cold water. If the temperature of your hot water system keeps changing and it doesn’t reach or stay as hot as it used to, that’s a sign it’s having trouble and needs to be fixed by a plumber.

Change in Water Colour

If you notice discoloured or cloudy water coming from your taps, it’s a sure sign your hot water system may need the attention and expertise of a plumber. When sediment builds from minerals in water in a storage hot water system, it can affect the clarity of the water. Hot water specialists can easily rectify if your hot water system is the cause, and you’ll soon have clear running water.

No Hot Water

Nothing says your solar, gas or electric hot water system needs servicing more than having no hot water. If your existing hot water system regularly fails to perform its most basic water heating function, the service you require can be anything from a simple repair to a replacement water tank.  

Your Last Service Was Longer Than A Year Ago

One of the last reasons you should get your solar or electric hot water systems serviced is that your last one was more than a year ago. The early detection of issues with plumbing equipment can save you money and ensure you never experience the above concerns.

Benefits of A Hot Water Service

If you like having continuous hot water supplied to your home, then there are many benefits to ensuring your hot water system undergoes regular servicing and maintenance. Some of these include:

  • Reliability of consistent water temperature
  • Reduce the need for repairs or replacement
  • Ensure the longevity of the water heater.

Choose Woden Valley Plumbing for Hot Water Systems Servicing

For independent advice and expert plumbing services for your hot water systems, you can rely on Woden Valley Plumbing & Gasfitting. We offer same-day service for hot water storage tanks, instantaneous and continuous flow units, heat pump hot water systems and servicing, as well as replacement parts for all leading brands on the market.

We understand the need for consistent hot water in your home so that washing dishes is possible and warm showers to keep you clean. Whether we get called out for solar hot water systems, electric hot water systems or gas hot water systems, we have the knowledge and skills to solve your hot water emergency.
Ask our professional team how they can ensure you have the right hot water system for your home and perform regular maintenance to keep it in great shape by contacting us at (02) 6288 5123 or via email.