This lucky Isaacs heater got the treatment of a Old Lennox DH cleanedlife time when our technician went to give it a service….

Lennox heaters aren’t the most common of systems, and with multiple air filtration components this one called for some extra special care. Here you can see the filters in the process of getting a bath, and then the squeaky clean results!

Having your heater serviced is Giving a heater a bathessential to keeping it in good working order and heating effectively.  You should have the furnace serviced at the start of every season, and clean the Return Air Filter every month of so during the high-use winter period. The wool will break down over time, and should be replaced every few years or as needed.

Good airflow from clean filters like this keeps the heater warming the house efficiently and effectively, and a service will clean the sensors and ignition so that the heater is in good working order.Cleaning grill

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