A ducted evaporative cooling system is a popular, eco-friendly, and cost-effective choice for home and business owners. As a central cooling system, it’s at the top of the list for many because of the technologically advanced capabilities that make it possible to efficiently cool your home. 

Between the current environmental concerns surrounding heating and cooling systems, and the ever-increasing cost of living, evaporative cooling is a superior choice for your property. An evaporative system is excellent for helping you keep cool on a hot summer day and has incredible energy efficiency and affordability, making it more advantageous to other alternatives on the market.

Providing every room in your home with a steady supply of fresher, cooler air is made easy with the right system in your home. In this piece, we will examine how evaporative coolers work and whether they’re the right choice for your home or workplace.

What Is Evaporative Cooling & How Does it Work?

Evaporative coolers circulate cool air in your home or business by evaporating water. It does this through the following process:

  1. The cooling system contains a fan that draws warm air in from outside the unit
  2. The hot air passes over water-soaked pads to absorb the heat, cooling the air
  3. Cool air continually circulates, creating an ambient temperature that’s cooler than your home
  4. Windows or doors are left open to expel the moist air from the building

There are two standard choices of evaporative coolers for your home or business: ducted and portable, which have their place in different homes.

Ducted Evaporative Cooler

  • Available in standard & inverter models
  • Inverter models have varied motor speed
  • Low running costs

Portable Evaporative Coolers

  • Sometimes window mounted
  • Ideal for small rooms
  • A temporary appliance that can be moved from home to home

Is an Evaporative Cooler Right My Home?

Professional plumbers are often asked, “How do I know an evaporative cooler is right for my home?” These portable air conditioners are right for you if you live in dry and hot areas, particularly during the summer months. 

Evaporative coolers work best in Australia’s south, in places like Canberra, VIC, SA, and Tas, given their drier climates compared to more humid areas during summer. Some parts of WA, such as the hinterland region, can maintain a comfortable temperature with this form of cooling because they experience low humidity compared to other areas of the state.

Advantages of Evaporative Cooling As Air Conditioning

From lower energy consumption to cost-effective installation and a higher cooling capacity, there are plenty of advantages to having an evaporative cooling system installed in your home or business, including:

Perfect for Dry Air

Evaporative systems have a greater potential for water vapour absorption and thus provide more economical cooling power in dry climates. It increases the air’s moisture level, removing dry weather discomfort.

Cost Effective Installation, Maintenance & Ongoing Use

Installation and maintenance are relatively simple, making an evaporative cooler cheaper than other air conditioner options. While the price will vary depending on your home or business size, the ongoing running costs make it more economical.

Energy Efficient

One well-known benefit of having an evaporative cooler in your home is that it uses less energy than a standard split-system air conditioner. When making your initial selection and comparing star ratings, evaporative cooling will come out on top for hot and dry conditions.

To minimise your carbon footprint, evaporative coolers lower carbon dioxide emissions by drawing hot air using power from a water pump, fan and electric control. Using less electricity instead of other systems gives them a clear advantage for cooling your home.

Improved Air Quality

A fixed evaporative cooler removes stale air from your home, replacing it with fresh air, which is particularly beneficial for those with allergies or respiratory concerns. By having the option of leaving windows and doors open, dirty or polluted air isn’t recirculated, which keeps unhealthy particles away and regulates moisture levels.

Small Amount of Water Use

Evaporative coolers can use up to 98% less water than your shower over the course of a year. A small amount of water creates a cooling breeze throughout your building, requiring an amount lower than an economical front-loading washing machine.

How Does Evaporative Cooling Work Differently Than Air Conditioning?

It’s not uncommon to hear the question, “Do evaporative coolers work differently from air conditioners”? The main distinction is that an evaporative cooler works by using water to cool the air throughout your home, needing windows open to keep the area well-ventilated. Other air con systems, such as ducted or split systems, will use refrigerant gasses and chemical processes to cool the air, and windows and doors need to remain shut to work efficiently.

The other main difference is that an evaporative cooler will give your home or business more coverage than air conditioners. So rather than having multiple systems throughout the house, one evaporative system will cool the air temperature throughout the home. 

An evaporative cooler sits nicely on the roof of your building, so it can effectively offer fresh air into your home or business to keep it cool. In contrast, other systems, such as air conditioners, have units inside and outside the house that noticeably take up room.

Choose An Evaporative Cooling System for Your Home

If environmental awareness and low-cost cooling options in your home are essential, an evaporative system will go a long way towards meeting your needs, especially during a Canberra summer. This versatile option uses less power and moist pads to absorb water vapour and create a cooler environment that won’t make your energy bill soar. 

At Woden Valley Plumbing, we know how important it is to get the right solution in cooling to beat the Canberra heat. 

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option for your home or business, call us today and find out all there is to know about having an evaporative cooler unit installed in your home and having you summer-ready.