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Drain unblocking, Blocked Drains Canberra, ACT, Queanbeyan and Surrounding Areas

Slow, smelling, gurgling, overflowing or just plain blocked, drainage is our specialty. We have all the equipment to clean or clear your blocked drains and if they can’t be cleared, we can look after replacing them as well. Our CCTV camera with self leveling head will clearly show imperfections, cracks, tree root entry points or backfall in your problematic pipes taking the guess work right out saving you money.

Woden Valley Plumbing and Gasfitting have a range of drain cleaning, unblocking and detection equipment. This includes electric eels, hand eels, high pressure water jetters, location sondes and CCTV cameras. All pieces of equipment are helpful in clearing your drains or solving your drainage problems.

Electric Eels are the traditional mechanical way of clearing drains. As the name suggests, it is an electrical piece of equipment and uses oscillating steel cables and cutter heads to cut through a blockage.

Hand Eels are a small hand held device that uses a small cable and cutter head to pass through a short section of small diameter drain pipe inside the home such as a vanity or sink drain.

High Pressure Water Jetters are the newer type of drain cleaning equipment. By newer, we mean over 15 years in the Australian market and have been thoroughly tried and tested in the industry. A Water Jetter uses a petrol driven pump to propel water through a long hose and out through a cutting nozzle at high velocity. The water can come out between 2000-5000Kpa and cut through tree roots, blast out debris and clean your drains to the full circumference of the pipe. The force of the water is very strong but will not damage your drains.

CCTV Cameras are a very useful tool in a number of circumstances. The camera is a glass ‘eye’ attached to long lengths of optic cable that is pushed along the drains recording footage as it goes. A monitor is attached to the camera cable and a DVD recorder synchronises with the camera too. Generally our clients request footage be taken if they have ongoing drainage problems they wish to physically see before they determine what they would like to do to prevent the problem from occurring again. The CCTV camera head can also be located with our transmitter above ground so the problem areas can be clearly marked. A blocked drain cannot be inspected with the camera as you wont have clear vision given the drains would be holding murky water.

Main causes of blockages in sewer and stormwater drains are:

  • Tree roots entering the drains seeking water and nutrients. Once a tree root has entered a drain, they cannot be stopped from growing back. The drought we have endured in Canberra has increased the tree root problem in drains throughout our region. Unprecedented tree root growth in drains has been found with tree roots getting larger/thicker and growing further once entered the drains due to the ideal growing conditions in the drains;
  • Debris and silt building up from garden materials washing into sumps and open drains;
  • Faults in the drains from incorrect or insufficient installation.

At Woden Valley Plumbing and Gasfitting, we try our hardest to clear your drains as best we physically can. However, in some cases, drains can become so heavily tree root infested or they can collapse over time and can no longer be cleared. In this circumstance, we have the equipment and expertise to replace your drains. Please see our attached photos for some of the tree root infestations our technicians have come across. We think you will be surprised! Woden Valley Plumbing & Gasfitting operate throughout the Canberra metro area and the entire ACT.