Gas Cooktop Installation

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Thinking of Installing a Gas Cooktop?

Residents across Canberra continue to make the move towards installing gas appliances in their homes – and for good reason. As a popular option, many benefits come with this approach to cooking at home – for example, a gas cooktop installation heats up much quicker than an electric stove, is easier to clean, and can be cheaper to maintain. 

With licensed gas fitters in our team located in your vicinity, we can take out your existing cooktop and implement a gas stove installation in its place. Our team of technicians is punctual and efficient, so you can expect minimal stress and mess – just a job well done.


Our Process for Gas Cooktop Installation

Before every gas cooktop installation, our technicians will check the area for existing damage and make sure the dimensions of the new appliance are correct to fit the existing space. This process includes all required clearances.

From there, we’ll take the following steps to ensure your gas connection is safe, compliant and working seamlessly:

  • Liaise a brand new cooktop or use the client’s supplied appliance.
  • Isolate the existing gas line at the valve and test thoroughly.
  • Remove and disconnect the old cooktop.
  • Clean the area thoroughly.
  • Install the new gas cooktop.
  • Secure the cooktop in place with fixing brackets.
  • Turn the supply to the oven back on and test that all functions are working correctly.
  • Check for any signs of a leak.
  • Adjust the working and operating pressures accordingly.
  • Provide a tutorial on how to use the new cooktop optimally and safely.
  • Remove any rubbish and clean the area.
  • Lodge and submit the relevant certificate for compliance.

Residents can only legally install a gas appliance in Canberra if their existing services meet local regulations. We have qualified technicians who can bring your gas connection up to mandatory standards if they don’t. In such cases, depending on the level of work required, an additional installation date may also need to be booked.

All of our gas oven installations are designed to suit the size and nature of your existing appliance to ensure a seamless transition. 

Switching From Electric to Gas Stoves

Most stoves powered by gas still require electricity to work, igniting each burner’s pilot on a gas stove. In comparison, electric stoves only require the latter.

An electrician will be required because of the high number of volts attached to electric stoves (240V). At Woden Valley Plumbing & Gasfitting Services, we can coordinate one of our preferred licensed electricians.

If a capped gas connection is already in place, the installation is usually an easy task. Hooking up the line to the stove is a more straightforward process, meaning we can have your installation sorted in no time. It can become a little trickier, especially if you need to amend your existing gas supply to install a new gas oven. 

The ease of hooking up a gas pipe depends on the pipe sizing in the house. It’s best to have our experienced technicians come to your home and assess the current system and figure out the best way to drop in a line, whether it’s from the roof or somewhere else. 

The cost of converting an electric stove to gas depends on how long the supply service needs to be. Extending the line about 10 metres only works if the existing one can add another appliance. If the existing line can’t add another appliance, it may require a larger pipe from the main meter.


Why Woden Valley Plumbing Should Be Your First Choice

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, gas cooktops installation in Australian kitchens need to be implemented by certified standards. Since the appliances use a combination of both gas and electricity, they must be installed by licensed and qualified plumbers, gas fitters and electricians.

When choosing a service provider, it’s imperative to ensure you will be issued a compliance certificate after the gas oven installation is complete. This signifies that your unit has been installed to meet the relevant regulations and tested to ensure safety. 

If you have any questions about installing a gas cooktop, our professional and friendly technicians have all the answers you need. Whether you’ve already bought a brand new unit and need to have it installed, or you are ready to start looking for the perfect one to suit your needs, our team can provide the best advice.

Our team in Canberra is reliable and trustworthy, so we offer our clients honest and unbiased recommendations about the feasible solution that will suit their current household circumstances. It’s best to not buy a large and expensive system without having a chat with us about it first, as our team will supply you with a professional opinion. This allows you to make smarter, more cost-effective decisions around the needs of your household and the existing system in place.

Woden Valley Plumbing provides customers with transparent and upfront pricing, with free quotes provided on all of our services. Additionally, we are known for our outstanding workmanship and deliver friendly and professional support across the board. 

Whether you need your gas stove tended to or need an entirely new system installed, we’ll ensure you’re given the best possible experience, free from any obligations. Simply contact our team now for advice you can trust and guidance around the most suitable appliance for your household. 

Don’t hesitate – if you have a problem with your appliance, report it as soon as possible, and we’ll come out and solve it right away before it becomes an even bigger problem. 

Contact our team anytime to discuss your concerns, answer all your questions, and make a booking.