Before every installation, our technicians will check the area for existing damage and make sure the new appliance’s dimensions are correct to fit existing space including all required clearances.

We will:

  • Supply new cooktop/use client supplied appliance
  • Isolate gas at valve and test to make sure it is off
  • Remove and disconnect old cooktop
  • Clean area
  • Install new cooktop
  • Secure cooktop in place with fixing brackets if supplied
  • Turn gas back on to oven and test all functions are working
  • Check for any gas leaks
  • Adjust working and operating gas pressures
  • Show customer how to use the cooktop
  • Remove all rubbish and clean area
  • Lodge and submit relevant gas certificate of compliance

In Canberra, we can only and legally install a gas appliance if your existing services meet local gas regulations. We are able to bring your gas/plumbing work up to standard and certification. Depending on the level of work required, an additional installation date may also need to be booked.

Swap-overs of appliances that are like-for-like in size and requirements are included as part of every Woden Valley Plumbing and Gasfitting installation.

Switching from electric to gas stoves

Most stoves powered by gas actually require both electricity and gas to work, whereas electric stoves don’t. Electricity is needed to ignite each burner’s pilot on gas stoves. Because 240 volts power electric stoves, an electrician will be required. At Woden Valley Plumbing and Gasfitting Services we can arrange and coordinate one of our preferred and licenced electricians.

If a capped gas line is already there or existing, then it’s a pretty easy task. Hooking up the gas line to the stove is just a call to us at Woden Valley Plumbing & Gasfitting.

It gets a little trickier you need to tap into an existing gas line, or if your home has no gas line at all.

The ease of hooking up a gas pipe depends on the pipe sizing in the house. It’s best to have Woden Valley Plumbing and Gasfitting Services come to your home and assess what the current gas usage is and figure out the best way to drop in a line, whether it’s from the roof or somewhere else. The cost of converting an electric stove to gas depends on how long the gas supply service needs to be. Extending the gas line about 10 meters, only works if the existing line has the capacity to add another appliance. If the existing line can’t add another gas appliance, it may require a lager pipe from the main gas meter.