Evaporative coolers are great alternatives to air conditioning, but sometimes they don’t receive the recognition they deserve.  Here are a few reasons why you should consider evaporative cooling for your Canberra home.

Inside of an evap

  • Evaporative coolers are much cheaper to operate than air conditioning units, with an average running cost between 3-10 cents per hour.
  • Cheaper to install than refrigerated air conditioning.
  • They use up to 75% less electricity than reverse cycle systems
  • Fewer working parts mean less maintenance & cheaper repairs
  • Constantly draws in fresh air from outside
  • Air is not dry or recirculated, which is better for allergy and asthma sufferers and it never dries out skin, eyes, or timber furniture or indoor plants
  • You can have windows and doors open while its running– no need to worry about children or pets coming and going from inside to outside

Evaporative Cooling Canberra is a great alternative to air conditioning as it is  more efficient to operate, circulate fresh air throughout the house, and you can leave doors and windows open while it’s on! It is great for asthma and allergy sufferers, and the moisture keeps the air from drying out – meaning no dry and itchy eyes or throat!


This doesn’t mean that they are perfect for everyone.  Canberra, Melbourne and South Australia tend to have hot, dry summers which are perfect for evaporative cooling, but Sydney and Queensland are too humid to enjoy the same benefit.  Some people may also dislike the need to have doors and windows open even slightly, may prefer to have more control over the exact temperature inside.

Consider your own needs when it comes to cooling, but if you like fresh air in your home all the time, suffer allergies or asthma, and want to save on running costs, you can’t beat an evaporative cooler for a wise addition to your Canberra home.

If you’d like to find out more, or if you are interested in having an evaporative cooler installation at your property, contact us here