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Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Benefits of Evaporative Cooling Canberra

Evaporative coolers are great alternatives to air conditioning, but sometimes they don’t receive the recognition they deserve.  Here are a few reasons why you should consider evaporative cooling for your Canberra home. – Evaporative coolers are much cheaper to operate than air conditioning units, with an average running cost between 3-10 cents per hour. […]

How High Water Pressure Can Harm Your Home

Many of the older suburbs in Canberra receive mains pressure water to their homes, and while this may seem like a good thing to those who love a strong shower, it can cause damage to your fixtures and increases your water usage, meaning more money out of your pocket and straight down the drain. […]

Canberra Gas Heater Servicing? What about Giving a Heater a Bath?

This lucky Isaacs heater got the treatment of a life time when our technician went to give it a service…. Lennox heaters aren’t the most common of systems, and with multiple air filtration components this one called for some extra special care. Here you can see the filters in the process of getting a […]

‘Flushable’ Wipes – the marketing lie of the century

The newly toted flushable wet wipes may sound like a great idea, but plumbers everywhere will tell you that they aren’t what they say they are… You may have seen the new ‘flushable’ wet wipes being promoted in Supermarkets. They seem like the perfect solution – a moist towlette that you can just flush […]

Why you shouldn’t put grease or oils down the sink

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t pour cooking oils and fats down your household drains, but we still find ourselves being called out to properties with blocked drains which have been caused by things being put down drains which shouldn’t be there. Cooking oils and fats cause trouble in drains when they come into contact […]